Fiber Smart enables fiber as a dynamic networking function and makes a virtualized software function possible to layer 0.


Fiber Smart provides automation to the physical layer for all networks and brings infrastructure and networking together to significantly reduce cost, and enables new services.


Fiber Smart serves a very large market for all network operators, enterprises, governments, institutions and many vertical market.

Layer-0 Automation Enables the Future of Networks




Auditing Physical Connections Made Easy


Physical Layer Automation              addresses many of the challenges are customers experience with their fiber infrastructure.

Bandwidth On Demand Enabled via Layer 0

In addition to all the usual benefits of an automated physical layer, ROME also increases the utilization of high capacity ports in BWoD scenarios. 

Making Universities Fiber Smart Campuses

Built on an intelligent fiber infrastructure, a dynamic fiber network allows for a true Smart Environment to be delivered.

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ROME Mini is positioned for 5G, edge computing and optical access applications with a lower price point.

ROME Mini addresses the market with a very high volume.


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Smart in a Mini Package