Fiber Smart enables fiber as a dynamic networking function and makes a virtualized software function possible to layer 0.


Fiber Smart provides automation to the physical layer for all networks and brings infrastructure and networking together to significantly reduce cost, and enables new services.


Fiber Smart serves a very large market for all network operators, enterprises, governments, institutions and many vertical market.

Layer-0 Automation Enables the Future of Networks




Automating Passive Optical Networks (PON)


Adding physical layer automation at the Fiber Distribution Hut allows active subscribers to be groomed onto the splitters meaning a splitter is fully utilized before traffic is added to the next.

Polarity Correction with ROME


Physical automation allows connectivity  to be configured quickly, efficiently and without needing human intervention.

Large Scale Fiber Restoration

As Data Centers become more and more integral to every aspect of our lives, ensuring that they remain operational and accessible 24/7 becomes increasingly critical.