Andreas Keiger - Advisor to Fiber Smart

How did you come to hear about/become involved in Fiber Smart Networks?
Years ago in San Jose during the OCP conference I came in touch with David concerning the ROME offering. As Rittal has a wide range of high end customers and OEMs, I got highly interested in that offering. I also follow new technologies for M&A activities of the Friedhelm Loh family office (as I was part of this group).

What do your responsibilities include as Advisor to Fiber Smart Networks?
I bring > 25 years of experience in Sales/Marketing & R&D in different industry & IT areas – driven by “walk the talk“ and “make things happen“ – and strong execution on the sales side.

What are you most excited about for the company?
Spirit, David as a person – his vision of the future and the revolutionary technology.

What do you hope for the future of the company?
Scaling and breakthrough in the data center industry / telco / broadband & fiber networks as a defined new standard.

What challenges do you see our industry facing in tackling the changes in our working environments caused by COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a risk – but each risk also has a chance. There is a need for an automated data center (including humanless interaction).


How well do you think the industry has responded to these challenges?

From my point of view, not fast enough – in Europe we say that COVID-19 brings us to the digitalization era much faster.


What further changes do you think the industry needs to make to be better prepared in the future in case of a second wave or new epidemics?

Faster deployments, much more automated process, global connectivity and balance of workloads, closer cooperation in analytics & research to master the pandemic risks & outcomes.


How do you see automation in general and in networks?

I’m a big fan of automation if it helps to make the process much faster, secure and available, but it also has to be human driven and steered. Automation helps to create a greater result with less human touchpoints.


How do you see our network in 5 years? And what would be our new experience as a consumer, or as an enterprise?

FIBERSMART is THE LEADING CONNECTIVITY company globally by matching each transfer point and connecting the work. FIBERSMART provides the fastest and reliable automated connectivity. No one runs without FIBERSMART.


Where do you see pain points in networks? And any relates to us?

More traffic volume and more connectivity points needs standardization (quickly). And also the temperature is rising, so how to find a solution for smart cooling.


What do you see as our path of success? And what we have and what we are missing?

You need a clear strategy for how to approach the right sizing/scaling partners in the data center & Telco markets, including scale of economy to produce to the right cost / protect your IP globally and convince the leading players / potential customers.


What do you like to do outside of work?

Reading & learning, traveling and tennis.