Rodric O'Connor - Advisor to Fiber Smart

How did you come to hear about/become involved in Fiber Smart Networks?

I have been involved and advising Wave2Wave since 2011.


What do your responsibilities include as Advisor to Fiber Smart Networks?

To provide my advice on any topic required.


What are you most excited about for the company?

The industry’s response to the current pandemic will accelerate the adoption of the software defined data center. FSN is uniquely positioned to contribute to this adoption by automating the physical network layer.


What are the challenges you will help the company overcome?

The continued movement of data center load from private to public cloud reduces the number of smaller potential clients while increasing the potential at a smaller number of larger clients. Those larger clients typically have a longer sales cycle.


What do you hope for the future of the company?

I hope that FSN becomes the de-facto standard for automating the physical network layer in data centers worldwide. 


How well do you think the industry has responded to these challenges?

I do not have visibility to the internal events, but the ISPs and service providers had issues in the first few weeks of COVID-19. They took weeks to scale up their services to meet the new demand.


What further changes do you think the industry needs to make to be better prepared in the future in case of a second wave or new epidemics?

The industry has to learn from COVID-19 and prepare for additional and potentially more dangerous pandemics in the future. A software defined physical layer enables physical reconfigurations to be done remotely, reducing the risk to employees and allowing physical changes to be software defined process rather than a key-man skill.


How do you see automation in general and in networks?

In Technology operations, automation is a requirement for survival. If an organization does not adopt to reduce their cost and increase quality of work, they will not be competitive against those firms that do.


How do you see our network in 5 years? And what would be our new experience as a consumer, or as an enterprise?

As a consumer, I want more for less: more bandwidth, more speed, more content & more services.

As an enterprise, I want more profitable clients, and I can only acquire them by giving them more for less before someone else does.


Where do you see pain points in networks? And any relates to us? 

I think there is going to be a move to a distributed workforce. People are not going to return to working in an office 5 days per week. The workplace will change: Offices will shrink and demand on home and distributed networks will increase. Cities’ populations, business and revenue will shrink due to the migration to the suburbs. The commercial property market will crash. Low orbit satellite ISPs, such as Starlink, will be utilized for distributed and off grid work environments. Cloud service demand will increase, and the data centers providing it will grow and have to scale to meet the increase in capacity. The consolidation of enterprise compute and storage services to Amazon, Microsoft and Google will continue.