Data Center & Edge Use Case 2

Polarity Correction with ROME

Incoming connections into a Data Center often encounter polarity issues with the Tx and Rx connections reversed. 


This can result in:


  1. Increased delay in the customer being connected.

  2. increased cost as an engineer needs to be scheduled to correct the polarity.

  3. Difficulty in tracking which patch leads have been changed from cross-over to straight through.

  4. Increased likelihood that straight through patch leads will be recycled back into general stock causing polarity issues on future connections.

Polarity Reversal.gif
Polarity Reversal - Detail.gif

With                   Robotic Optical Switches, not only does your MMR benefit from all the advantages of connection automation, but a polarity reversal can be instigated automatically upon detection of a polarity issue. This delivers:


  1. Instant automatic polarity correction 

  2. No requirement for changes to patch leads 

  3. No risk of straight through cables causing polarity issues on future connections. 

  4. Full configuration data automatically updated with both the connection and the polarity reversal visible.