Data Center & Edge Use Case 7
AOC Automation
Server Connections
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Active Optical Cables (AOCs) are often seen to be the best inter computer link, providing low cost, flexible connectivity anywhere within a data center environment.  Their main restriction is that they provide a purely point-to-point connection and any connectivity changes require the cables to be manually unplugged and physically moved.

Introducing a Fiber Smart Networks™ and Cabling 123 innovation the combination of low cost AOCs with the flexibility of an optical Cross Connect.

The ROME 128Q™ provides full any-to-any cross-connects to be made between any of its MPO ports.  Special AOC Cables terminating on a standard MPO connector can be connected to the ROME allowing any pair to be connected as required through a latched, passive optical cross-connect delivering full remote re-configurability into a standard AOC environment.

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