Dark Fiber Use Case 1

Dark Fiber Becomes Smart Fiber

Today a Dark Fiber service is turned up manually.

Common issues experienced include:

  • Out of date documentation results in fibers already allocated. wasting a site visit and forcing a route re-plan.

  • Time to Revenue often measured in weeks if not months.

  • Baseline tests once the link is completed can reveal the need for further site visits to re-splice.

  • Not all splices are cut upon teardown resulting in stranded capacity.

  • Roll out can be delayed by access issues.

Picture 1.png

A fully automated service reduces costs as well as accelerating and enhancing the services.

  • Each system maintains a live record of the current network configuration allowing real time route planning.

  • End to End configuration changes can be made in minutes.

  • Complete baseline testing can be completed remotely with the records associated with the link to maintain a historical audit of the links performance.

  • Truck rolls eliminated from the majority of system turn-ups.

  • No physical access required.

  • Link cleared end to end on teardown, no stranded capacity.

  • Traffic can be remotely re-routed for routine or emergency maintenance in a matter of minutes.

  • Phased rollout allows key intersection points to be automated first with less utilized locations added if and when the business case justifies it.