Lab Use Case 1

Lab of the Future is Now

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Many Labs operate by allocating defined rack space for specific projects.  Configurations are manually patched, equipment moved to the relevant racks or extended patching as required if the equipment cant be patched, and test equipment moved and connected to the specific configuration.  This intensively manual process can take from days to weeks for each configuration and often requires extensive debugging to ensure the configuration is correctly operating before the testing process can begin.  This methodology drives slow turnaround, poor utilization of valuable resources and test equipment and higher CAPEX and OPEX costs.

Robotic                          of the physical layer delivers an automated solution that can integrate into your current lab management solution.  By enabling all your resources and test equipment to be pooled and to be available to all team members, it can drive a 5 fold increase in utilization, significant improvements in turn-up time, whilst eliminating manual config errors and  system down time.  Configurations can be deployed in a matter of minutes, and resources released back to the ‘pool’ as soon as tests are completed.  Configurations can be re-used quickly and efficiently and in the knowledge that they are exact duplicates of the original config.  Deploying an all optical solution, with a passive latching design, The                    solution does not impact your optical performance, is not limited by protocol or speed and utilizes minimal rack space and power.