Lab Use Case 2

ROME Q - 400G, 800G and Beyond

The                   family provides all the benefits of Lab Automation including:

  • Remote configuration 

  • Equipment utilization >80% 

  • Setup/Teardown in minutes

  • Accurate repeatability 

  • 24/7 availability 

  • Low, consistent attenuation

  • Automated config mgmt. 

  • No stranded capacity 

  • Increased Lab throughput


QSFP and QFSP+ utilizing 4 lanes of traffic, have become increasingly popular; delivering high speed optical links at a lower cost than traditional single lane solutions.  The CAPEX savings delivered frequently come with an increased OPEX cost as complexity of cabling, management and documentation increase accordingly.  Uniquely, ROME offers a full                      solution for QSFP environments delivering the full range of automation benefits in an MPO environment for QSFP(+) solutions.  This can be further enhanced in mixed environments by expanding with other ROME Family solutions as shown in our Use Case for Hybrid Labs.