Lab Use Case 3

A Hybrid Network Simplified


The combination of a                    and a                      provides the ultimate flexibility for any lab working with a mix of LC and QSFP optics.  A simple interconnect between the chassis’ allows for all combinations of connections to be tested including QSFP to LC Breakouts.  Optical loopbacks can be configured on any port and any optical test equipment can be connected in place of a Device Under Test (DUT) to allow any combination of network to be configured, run and tested 24/7 without requiring technicians on-site.

The ROME family provides all the benefits of Lab Automation including:

  • Remote configuration 

  • Equipment utilization >80% 

  • Setup/Teardown in minutes

Additionally a combination of                   models allows a flexible, versatile lab platform that can allow testing of a wide range of SM and MM solutions supported by a wide range of connector types including LC, SC and MPO.  The highly granular control allows interconnects between the chassis to facilitate breakouts or interconnections between different connector types.

  • Accurate repeatability 

  • 24/7 availability 

  • Low, consistent attenuation

  • Automated config mgmt. 

  • No stranded capacity 

  • Increased Lab throughput