Lab Use Case 5

ROME Supports Copper Interface Too

Many labs currently have a mix of electrical and optical connectivity that they need to test and would like to automate.  The challenge of automating both electrical and optical is exacerbated by the cost of Layer 1 OEO switches which only support a sub set of speeds and protocols, the reducing number of suppliers and the ongoing migration from electrical to optical connections to support the higher bandwidths available today and going forward.

Many Lab Managers are looking for a solution that can manage both electrical and optical connections, can be managed from a single pane of glass and doesn’t require significant CAPEX investment in a solution that will become irrelevant as the optical migration proceeds.

L5 - Copper V2.png

Combining the power of the                   optical switch with some low cost media converters allows the delivery of a single flexible automation solution that can not only switch electrical or optical connections but can also allow electrical connections to be connected to optical devices.  This comprehensive solution also preserves the CAPEX investment as services migrate from electrical to optical solutions.  When a device is upgraded, the low cost media converter is removed from that connection and becomes available for re-deployment whilst the core of the investment continues to deliver the benefits of Lab                          including:


  • Remote configuration 

  • Equipment utilization >80% 

  • Setup/Teardown in minutes

  • Accurate repeatability 

  • 24/7 availability 

  • Low, consistent attenuation

  • Automated config mgmt. 

  • No stranded capacity 

  • Increased Lab throughput