Lab Use Case 6

Cascading Fiber Spools Made Easy 

One of the greatest challenges for an Lab Manager is ensuring that the configurations being configured for the tests accurately reflect the environment they are modeling.  One of the more challenging scenarios is replicating a WAN environment where optical signals need to reflect real-life distance based impairments.

Whilst this can be modeled using expensive appliances, the results must always be tempered by its accuracy, it is complicated to configure accurately and has high CAPEX.

A simpler and more effective solution is to add fiber spools to the environment.  Fiber-in-a-box can house up to 8 x 25km spools that can be cascaded to create lengths up to 200km in 6RU.

Combined with the automation capabilities of the                    Family of Passive Optical Switches, delivers the capabilities to quickly and accurately connect fiber, amplifiers, C/DWDM equipment, etc to realistically replicate real-life network configurations.


Easily integrated into a lab management solution, accurate configurations can be quickly and accurately created delivering accurate optical characteristics that allow proper testing and verification of WAN Solutions. 

The ROME family has a consistent, low attenuation that is consistent with the attenuation experienced in real life in manual patch panels whilst delivering the benefits of network                          into the Lab environment including:


  • Remote configuration 

  • Equipment utilization >80% 

  • Setup/Teardown in minutes

  • Accurate repeatability 

  • 24/7 availability 

  • Automated config mgmt. 

  • No stranded capacity 

  • Increased Lab throughput

  • Low, consistent attenuation