Flagship Robotic Switch


ROME is a scalable building block for a network fabric that is enabling software and virtualization capabilities. Physical layer becomes dynamic, sophisticated and efficient, while allowing simplicity and transparency to network operators. 


Powered by ROME fabric design and software, services are provisioned end to end in real time automatically without manual intervention. With 20% inter-switch link allocation, traffic non-blocking is achieved through ROME fabric.

Physical Network Fabric Enabled by Robotic Engines


Fabric - Modular & Scalable Design

ROME network design depends on customers' business case with scalability, cost efficiency and pay-as-you-grow methodology in mind. It is a complimentary service from Fiber Smart network engineering team to provide the most suitable network fabric design to achieve the best ROI for customers. 

3 Stage CLOS

Single Stage CLOS

Single Parent Cluster

2 Cluster Scaling

3 Cluster Scaling