Please list your name, company, title, and brief overview of your role at your current company.

Paul Obsitnik, Maxim Integrated, Vice President Marketing. I lead Global Marketing at Maxim Integrated, responsible for overall marketing strategy, digital marketing, brand & communications, demand generation and sales enablement.

How did you come to hear about/become involved in Fiber Smart Networks?

I worked with David at ONI Systems where I was Vice President, Business Development. We have kept in touch since then and I have watched enthusiastically as he built Wave2Wave and Fiber Smart Networks from the ground up, helping along the way if I could.

What do your responsibilities include as Advisor to Fiber Smart Networks?

I see my responsibilities as an Advisor to Fiber Smart Networks as advising in areas where I have expertise, including Marketing, Sales/Business Development and corporate growth/leadership.

What are you most excited about for the company?

What excites me most is that we have been changing the nature of the communications network over the past 5-7 years from one of a static nature in terms of deployment and operation to a virtualized infrastructure allowing for more agile deployment and operations.  Ultimately, this leads to networks that are more responsive to user needs, able to meet the challenges of next generation services but also doing all of this at a much lower cost point.  Much has been done at the software layer, great advances have been made at the network layer but the physical infrastructure is still stuck in the old way of doing things.  Fiber Smart allows us to take the revolutionary paradigm shift all the way down to the physical infrastructure to complete the transformation and realize the ultimate promises of these advancements.