Note from the CEO
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I told you MORE was coming. It’s here! Today, we are excited to launch as Fiber Smart Networks. 


Since 2003, our mission has been to revolutionize network connectivity. At that time, we founded the company under the name Wave2Wave because it embodied how we wanted to interact internally and on a global scale with partners, customers, and others around the world. We are a close-knit company, but at the same time, a company with far-reaching impact. We have offices in Silicon Valley, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, and our customers and partners are even more distributed.


As a company, we look at progress in 3-5-year cycles. At the end of each cycle, you have hopefully become the very thing you set out to be at the beginning of the cycle. Well, we’ve looked back over the past five years, and we’re ready to take the next great step in our evolution and take the network to the next level.


Say hello to Fiber Smart Networks. We have taken three words that are, on their own, very common, but when combined, very powerful. They embody a monumental task - one that we’re up for. To us, this new name promises openness and new innovations for smart networks. It also truly encompasses what we do. We enable fiber networks and smart networks.


We are a world technology leader with a unique software and hardware integrated solution to automate and virtualize the physical network across data centers, telcos, hyperscales, as well as subsea and dark fiber infrastructures. Cabling has been our bread and butter for a long time, and it’s staying in our product portfolio as Cabling123, a spin-off of Wave2Wave. Through this brand, we will bring innovation to each cable, each rack, each data center, and most importantly, to you.


That said, smart networks is where the industry has been headed in the last few years, and in the wake of COVID-19 network automation is going to become critical. That’s where Fiber Smart Networks comes in.


With our ROME robotic fiber switching platforms powered by fabric management software, we bring visibility, intelligence and software defined networking to billions of fiber strands veined through millions of miles around the world. Our innovation is putting an end to the long neglected problem of the slow, manual, and error-prone cable patching process. 


We’re proud to launch this brand, along with a new website that reflects our evolution as a company, who we are today, and what we are enabling in the data center. I encourage you to visit our new website and learn more.


Get ready to automate the future with Fiber Smart Networks.