Fiber Smart Network’s ROME Platform Automates Polarity Reversal

ROME enables real-time Polarity reversal through a robotic cross-connect system.

Fremont, California, June 3, 2020-- Fiber Smart Networks, a division of Wave2Wave Solution, the global leader in physical layer automation, provides a real-time zero touch polarity reversal solution. This extremely valuable feature is available on all of the ROME products.

Outside the day to day challenges of managing an extensive physical infrastructure; one of the biggest headaches encountered in Data Center Meet Me Rooms as well as in the Wide Area Network is the challenge of mismatched signal polarity. All too frequently the process of bringing a new customer into a data center involves scheduling an engineer to visit the MMR to setup the cross-connects prior to service deployment only to find that once traffic commences that there is a polarity issue somewhere along the end to end route.

Today the only option is to book another engineer to return to the MMR and either replace the cross-over patch lead with a straight through or, more commonly, reverse the connections at one end of the patch cord, undoing the cross-over. The ROME robotic fiber switch allows this whole process to be automated in seconds, from creating a cross-connect on demand, to ensuring documentation is automatically updated. Human error is removed from the process and ROME facilitates automated testing and the baselining of a new connection.

ROME also allows connections to be automatically reversed from a standard cross-over to a straight through connection as soon as a polarity mismatch is detected.

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ROME is a Fiber Smart Networks product family and brand.

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Josh Oelrich

Director of Technical Marketing