Smart CLOS™ Scales ROME Fabric Tall and Wide to 80% Port Efficiency

ROME to Optimize CLOS for Physical Layer to Reduce Inter-Switch Links (ISL) by 3X

Fremont, California, June 3, 2020—Fiber Smart Networks, the global leader in physical layer automation, announced a new Smart CLOS architecture. This is implemented in ROME fabrics through both hardware and software functions to achieve non-blocking while only utilizing 20% of the ports as Inter-Switch Links (ISL).

One of the challenges in the networking industry is to scale network fabrics without creating traffic blocking. The CLOS model is often used to create multi-stage network architectures. When network size increases, more ports need to be allocated to inter-connections between switches, which results in a cost increase for effective user ports. This issue can be found within layer 2, semi-conductor chips and even in the physical layer fabric.

Smart CLOS combines front plane interfaces connected to a Dock and software functions either from Fiber Smart or a 3rd party. The Dock presents users with one universal patch panel interface while inter-meshing multiple ROME robotic engines, allowing a 20% ISL average take-up rate. Smart CLOS delivers non-blocking traffic with 10s and 100s of thousands of ports, while enabling high levels of scalability.

"The physical layer is unique when compared to a layer 2 fabric, which is packet based and where switching is done via backplane," said David Wang, CEO of Fiber Smart." We have to look at ROME from a fabric level and adopt a CLOS architecture in the physical layer context."

"Our innovation evolves from product level to network level, which is what Fiber Smart delivers to customers to enable their services," said Duncan Ellis, VP System Engineering of Fiber Smart. "Smart CLOS solves one of the most intricate problems for the industry."

ROME, while automating the physical network connectivity, often changes the existing concepts. For example, a patch panel is normally used for the human patching process, while now ROME does patching inside its chassis.

Smart CLOS takes advantage of ROME's software defined capability and optical fidelity and achieves cost efficiency to save both CAPEX and OPEX for data center operators.

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