W2W Builds MXC Connector Technology into EVO and EXO Platforms

Integration Extends Backplane Optical Interconnect Technology into Backbone Infrastructure Cabling

MILPITAS, Calif., July 14, 2016 – Wave2Wave Solution, the leader and innovator that connects key network elements in the world’s largest data centers, today announced the integration of MXC® connectors into its EVO® and EXO® platforms. This product integration extends optical backplane technology into structured cabling with expanded and collimated laser beams through the lensed MXC connector technology.

“Incorporating MXC connectors into our EVO and EXO solutions offers a number of benefits to the data center network, including higher reliability via dust resistance, longer life cycle via non-contact, and space savings via high density,” said David Wang, founder and chief executive officer of Wave2Wave. “By deploying these solutions, companies can experience greater efficiency, improved performance, and reduced CAPEX and OPEX.”

Wave2Wave’s versatile, cost-effective, next-generation MXC connector family is optimized for direct interface to equipment densely populated with mid-board mounted, multi-mode or single-mode optical modules. Compared to existing optical connector solutions, Wave2Wave’s unique plug and receptacle design provides increased density with fewer components. It supports fiber rows of up to 16 fibers, and up to four rows of fibers for fiber lane counts as high as 64.

Wave2Wave’s EVO panel family provides the highest level of scalability and density, supporting a wide variety of applications and fiber connectivity in telecom and the data center. EVO offers 3,840 fiber connections in its 1U chassis and 10,000+ in its 2U. More information about EVO can be found here.

EXO is a modularized platform that supports a wide variety of connectivity types and applications on the same 1RU chassis, allowing for flexibility now and growth in the future. EXO supports up to four cassettes and feed-through modules. Modules can be mixed to match specific connectivity requirements. There are modules for fiber, copper, wavelength, and optical power management, supporting 1G, 10G, 40G, and 100/120G connectivity. With 48 diverse ports, the EXO platform offers flexibility and space savings. More information about EXO can be found here.

About Wave2Wave Solution

Founded in 2003, Wave2Wave Solution has operations in Silicon Valley, Ireland, Israel and China. Wave2Wave serves worldwide customers directly and through channel partners. With connectivity as the key focus, Wave2Wave does business in three market segments, including board-level optical interconnect and silicon photonics, data center infrastructure cabling, and robotic optical switching.

EVO®, EXO®, KITE®, ROME®, REVOL™, WIRE™, FIRE™, Slack ZERO™ and EDGE™ are Wave2Wave product families and brandings.