Wave2Wave and 910Telecom Launch Network Physical Layer Automation Sandbox

Fremont CA - July 31, 2018 - Wave2Wave Solution, the global leader in fiber connectivity automation, today announced it will partner with 910Telecom to provide data center and telco network operators with the first physical layer automation sandbox. Wave2Wave's robotic fiber switch, ROME®, will offer open access to industry professionals visiting 910Telecom's downtown Denver facility.

With this initiative, Wave2Wave and 910Telecom provide an open invitation to network architects, engineers, and technicians to employ this purpose-built and software-defined technology, which makes it possible to automatically patch optical fibers. The "sandbox" lives in an open area inside 910Telecom, which is the largest and busiest carrier-neutral Meet-Me-Room facility in the Rocky Mountain Region and a major cross point of North American fiber backbone networks.

"This initiative addresses a 20-year-old problem that is present in every network. Everything in the network has become software defined, except the physical layer where automation has been slow to take hold," said David Wang, President and CEO, Wave2Wave Solution. "But automation does not happen automatically. Technology has to be combined with education and practice, in an environment where industry professionals are safe to experiment and test. I'm very glad that we can partner with 910Telecom to innovate within their historical building."

"Innovation is key in our industry," said Eryn Taylor, Business Development Director at 910Telecom. "Together with Wave2Wave, we are looking at creative and inclusive methodologies to make it easier for the telco industry to see, test and integrate with the ROME sandbox. And, in that spirit we are extending an open invitation to other vendors to help us grow the sandbox in our facility, through other network elements or orchestration software."

The joint Wave2Wave and 910Telecom sandbox will enable operators and engineers to experiment with a number of new network functions, including remote setup and teardown of optical connections via robot; remote provisioning of lab facilities; real-time creation of alternate connections to solve network outages; and more.

For more information, please visit http://www.wave-2-wave.com

About Wave2Wave Solution:

Founded in 2003, Wave2Wave Solution has operations in Silicon Valley, Ireland, Israel and China. Wave2Wave serves worldwide customers directly and through channel partners. With connectivity as the key focus, Wave2Wave does business in three market segments, including board-level optical interconnect and silicon photonics, data center infrastructure cabling, and robotic optical switching.

ROME® is a Wave2Wave product family and brand.

About 910Telecom

910Telecom is the Rocky Mountain region's premier network-neutral Carrier Hotel located at 910 15th Street in Denver, Colorado. 910Telecom, uniquely positioned in the major confluence of downtown Denver's local, national and international fiber district, provides reliable building meet-me-room interconnection and data center solutions to public cloud and private cloud service providers.

For more information, visit 910Telecom.com.