Wave2Wave Solution Corporation is now Fiber Smart Networks Inc.

Automation Focus to Change the Industry from Bottom Up

Fremont, California, June 3, 2020--Wave2Wave Solution, the global leader in physical layer automation, today announced the launch of itself as Fiber Smart Networks.

Since 2003, Wave2Wave has transformed from a Silicon Valley bootstrapped company in cabling to a world technology leader in physical layer network automation. Through organic growth and M&A, Wave2Wave has proven that full automation in networks including physical fiber connectivity is an exciting possibility. The next challenge is to build it out for all networks everywhere in the world with telecom carriers, data center operators, dark fiber and subsea cable owners, government entities, enterprises, and networks in every other industry.

"We are at a pivot point that both businesses and consumers are driving our Internet to a new revolutionary level." said David Wang, CEO of Fiber Smart , "Automation must be completed in all aspects of a network to deliver quality, reliability and security."

"As the most advanced robotic fiber switching platform, ROME has already been deployed at customers in many parts of the world." said Matt Briley, SVP Worldwide Sales of Fiber Smart, "With the refreshed focus, we'll scale to a world class enterprise to serve mission critical production networks in volume."

With ROME robotic fiber switching platforms powered by fabric management software, Fiber Smart Networks will bring visibility, intelligence and software defined networking to billions of fiber strands veined through millions of miles around the world. This innovation will put an end to the long-neglected problem of the slow, manual, and error-prone cable patching process.

Fiber Smart is taking off now.

For more information, please visit: http://www.fibersmart.net

ROME is a Fiber Smart Networks product family and brand.

Press Contact:

Josh Oelrich

Director of Technical Marketing