Wave2Wave's New Connectivity as a Service to Accelerate the Adoption of SDN in the Physical Layer

FREMONT, California, June 26, 2018 - Wave2Wave, the global leader in fiber connectivity automation, today announced it has launched an innovative Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) offering, which enables data center and network operators to automate physical layer connectivity without the need for any upfront capital expenditure (CAPEX).

Wave2Wave’s new CaaS solution extends software defined networking (SDN) capabilities to the physical layer, making it possible for operators to manage the entire network stack from a single interface. Based on a monthly pay-as-you-grow model – where patching physical cables can take as little as 20 seconds – CaaS is scoped for data center and telco pre-production labs, where physically hauling cables is a bottleneck for service rollout.

This service-oriented approach represents a major change in the way telcos and data center operators fund, build and manage their networks. The no risk, pay-as-you-grow model eliminates the capital expense of purchasing and deploying in-house hardware. Wave2Wave also provides a range of value-add services to accompany the fiber cross-connect infrastructure, including system setup, monitoring, maintenance and software integration.

"Lack of automation at the physical layer is a 20 year old problem that impacts every network everywhere in the world," said David Wang, President and CEO, Wave2Wave. "By automating the configuration of the network physical infrastructure - and by making this service available on a cloud-like basis - we are accelerating change and innovation in data center and telco networks, especially when it comes to new service rollouts."

As the first stage of its new CaaS initiative, Wave2Wave will install and manage its robotic fiber switch, ROME, in data center and telco lab environments. Customers will pay a fixed monthly fee equal to $10 per duplex fiber connection.

For more information, please visit https://www.wave-2-wave.com

About Wave2Wave Solution: Founded in 2003, Wave2Wave Solution has operations in Silicon Valley, Ireland, Israel and China. Wave2Wave serves worldwide customers directly and through channel partners. With connectivity as the key focus, Wave2Wave does business in three market segments, including board-level optical interconnect and silicon photonics, data center infrastructure cabling, and robotic optical switching.

EVO®, EXO®, KITE®, ROME®, REVOL™, WIRE™, FIRE™, Slack ZERO™ and EDGE™ are Wave2Wave product families and brandings.

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