Wave2Wave’s ROME Mini Expands Autonomous Network with Robots

Layer-0 Automation Enables Edge Data Centers and Access Networks, Answers Call for Size, Power Efficiencies

Fremont, California, June 11, 2019--Wave2Wave Solution, the global leader in physical layer automation, today introduced a small form factor robotic fiber switch, ROME Mini. The company expanded its ROME product portfolio to include the Mini in response to the fast-growing demands of edge computing, 5G, IoT, and AI as those technologies flex to support a new generation of applications such as self-driving cars.

ROME Mini is sized at 19” making it rack mountable for data center installation, as well as the ideal size for locations where optical fibers are running, such as sub-sea cable landing stations, outlying mobile backhaul facilities or the limited space under the floor. With its more than 200 fiber capacity, ROME Mini offers a lower price point of entry while providing significant CAPEX and OPEX savings for network operators via automation.

As digital transformation drives demand for edge compute solutions, it is also changing the data center landscape, adding a demand for more micro and modular data centers. If these smaller sites are automated, operators can avoid the additional costs, SLA strain and downtime risks associated with truck rolls and onsite service deployment. With the software-defined physical layer provided by the ROME Mini, data centers, telecoms and engineering labs can truly achieve the efficiency in performance, cost and energy that SDN delivers in a small-scale footprint.

“We are looking forward to working with Wave2Wave as they continue to listen to the needs of customers and act responsively to the market,” said George Kimura, President & CEO of NTT Advanced Technology. “The ROME Mini is a perfect example of how Wave2Wave continues to develop and innovate, by evaluating the changing market demands and building the right form factor for the right applications.”

“Japan has a high level of fiber penetration and we must take the network from manual to automated,” said Ryusaburo Sugimoto, President (Representative Director) of Hakuto Co. Ltd. “We are leading the way in network innovation and Wave2Wave’s ROME Mini provides the right automated solution for the fiber access and 5G edge networks.”

“ROME family is evolving its robust platform of precision mechanical technologies, robotic motion systems, fiber latching connections and software capabilities,” said David Wang, Founder and CEO of Wave2Wave. “Customers have been asking for an autonomous network with full SDN/NFV capability and we are enabling this revolution. By taking the power of automation down to the physical layer, we’re providing the missing link.”

ROME Mini is available for customer orders immediately and will be shipping on Oct 1, 2019.

For more information, please visit: http://www.wave-2-wave.com/

About Wave2Wave Solution

Founded in 2003, Wave2Wave Solution has operations in Silicon Valley, Ireland, Israel and China. Wave2Wave serves worldwide customers directly and through channel partners. With connectivity as the key focus, Wave2Wave does business in three market segments, including board-level optical interconnect and silicon photonics, data center infrastructure cabling, and robotic optical switching.

ROME® is a Wave2Wave product family and brand.