High Density & Scalable


ROME - Robotic Optical Management Engine

ROME re-defines network connectivity and brings software functions to the physical layer.


A pure fiber to fiber connection, ROME provides a physical mechanical solution to the long overdue network physical layer problem and brings full automation for all networks.


ROME enables new service capabilities with significant CAPEX and OPEX savings for operators.


All Optical / Passive

Zero Impact to Traffic

Zero Touch Physical Layer

- Software Enabled

- SNMP, REST, Python, CLI

- No Electronic Latency

- Data Rate Agnostic

- Fiber to Fiber - SM or MM

- Patented Mechanical Latching

- Consistently Low Optical Loss

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ROME Mini is positioned for 5G, edge computing and optical access applications with a lower price point.

Flexibility in deployment location, such as under a floor tile
or inside a street cabinet, is one of its many advantages.

ROME Mini addresses the market with a very high volume.

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Modular, scalable and high density in a standard 19" footprint with only 11RU space required. With 512 fibers, ROME 500 is highly versatile to be configured with a variety of connectivity formats enabled by ROME software, all with single fiber granularity.

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ROME Q Series supports high speed optical transceiver interfaces in routers and switches ranging from 40G, to 100G, 400G and 800G. ROME 64Q and 128Q offer 64 and 128 non-blocking 8 fiber MPO ports, respectively. The ROME Q DD platforms supports 16 fiber MPO interfaces. Breakout and loopback are some of the useful features across all Q series.

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ROME MAX series unifies multiple robotic engines with one docking panel interface for operators. Based on Smart CLOS software technology, ROME MAX achieves non-blocking end to end connections with high efficiency of inter-switch links (ISL). Achieving more than 2,000 fiber ports in a single rack, ROME MAX scales to 10's of 1,000's of ports across multiple racks, to even the entire data center scale.