Telco Use Case 1
Automating Passive Optical Networks (PON)

Traditionally access networks are typically deployed by pre-installing everything on day one.  Each potential subscriber will be fibered from their location to the nearest splitter and then all the way back to the OLT.  Even with a take up rate achieving a typical 30-40%, this means that on average every splitter, fiber OLT port, card and chassis only ever reaches 30-40%  utilization.


Adding physical layer                          at the Fiber Distribution Hut Allows active subscribers to be groomed onto the splitters meaning a splitter is fully utilized before traffic is added to the next.  The exchange can be enhanced to deliver a dynamic splitter ratio.  By being able to increase the ratios automatically, the utilization of each OLT port can be increased much closer to 100%.  Load balancing can be automatically implemented as new Subs are added or their B/W requirements change.  Higher utilization drives CAPEX savings of up to 15% whilst the ability to perform remote testing and diagnostics dramatically reduces the need for truck rolls driving OPEX savings of up to 70% whilst delivering a superior service to the end users.