Vertical Market Use Case 1

Airport Fiber Networks Become Smart

Mission-Critical in an airport environment is much more than just Business-Critical, often these networks are supporting Life-Critical solutions as well usually in a dynamic and fast-changing environment. High Availability means that redundancy and protection must be built in at every level, but this level of active equipment redundancy brings its own challenges:

  • Complexity

  • Inflexibility

  • Configuration Management

  • Update management

  • Equipment & Maintenance costs

  • Power & Cooling Costs


A passive optical fabric allows for architectural simplification whilst maintaining full redundancy, easy management including fast restoration from a connection failure, and full system visibility, including the physical                .  Delivering a HA network to underpin mission critical services, the system can be easily monitored, configured, tested and updated remotely.  It enables services to be added, changed and migrated as end users change their requirements, location or services and services to be easily migrated for routine maintenance and upgrades.  All services can be easily switched from a failed ‘hot data center’ as a standby ‘cold data center’ is brought on-line to restore the full redundancy of the solution.