Vertical Market Use Case 2

Sports Venues are Fiber Smart

A typical stadium/venue can have in excess of 30 cameras for a live broadcast including 4K moving to 8K cameras, Super slow motion and ultra slow motion (anywhere up to 1000fps at 4K) driving uncompressed video rates in excess of 100Gbps per camera.  Each event requires the connection of the cameras at the chosen locations from the camera location through to the mobile or remote production unit, potentially with multiple networks as well as specialist systems.  All the connections are currently made with traditional patch leads leading to a number of challenges:

  • Slow manual setup/teardown  

  • Patching errors

  • Addt’l personnel required on–site 

  • Manual Config management

  • No config flexibility 

  • Configs are difficult to repeat

  • Risk of stranded capacity if links aren’t cleared end to end


                                        provides a dynamic optical fabric that allows the switching of any data rate or protocol that is fiber based.  All signals are passed passively, with minimal latency and zero impairment to the quality of the video signal.


  • Remote configuration and teardown 

  • E2E teardown prevents any stranded capacity

  • Full config achieved in minutes 

  • Service restoration in minutes

  • Fully dynamic config allows for optimization 

  • Automated config management

  • Protocol and speed agnostic 

  • Zero impact on video signals

  • All resources pooled for optimum utilization